My Wedding Day

So I am a married woman, and as a married woman I can not reflect on the 'big day'.

Like most brides the days leading up to the wedding were pure hell. I never got to see any family because I was constantly running around like a headless chicken. I was able to make some time for breakfast dates with family and a facial, but not much else.

The rehearsal and rehearsal dinner finally came around and it went without a hitch. I was so exhausted by the evening that I felt as though I was unable to fully enjoy it. I could barely eat my meal or drink. Afterwards I went to the suite that I had booked and tried to drink some more but I just was not feeling it. I had two friends stay with me that night and they passed out rather quickly. I took a bath, drank some wine and tried to fall asleep but I could not. My mind was everywhere.

The next morning I woke up with about four hours of sleep and enjoyed a room service breakfast while watching the sun rise. It was the only few moments I had to myself all day. Later on we had our nails done and then the makeup artists came to do hair and makeup.

Now, unlike most brides I was not stressed the of my wedding. I went with the flow and I did not even freak out when the flowers were fifty minutes late. I should have freaked out, but I didn't. While we were waiting for everything to begin and the wedding coordinator came out to tell us it was time, I simply stood up as if I were getting a drink of water. The ceremony felt as though it lasted five minutes, when it had lasted thirty. I was married, blissful and pretty much care-free.

There was a glitch at the reception when my found out that they had been charging people for drinks when it was supposed to be an open bar. He apparently had a meltdown but I didn't hear about nor did I care. The issue was fixed and everybody was reimbursed.

The entire night felt like a dream. I still do not feel like it happened. I didn't eat, I barely drank, I danced twice and the entire time I was talking with guests. I was exhausted and more importantly happy it was over. I felt really bad that I missed a few people before they left but I did my best. Everybody seemed to have a lot of fun but I felt like I was floating out of exhaustion and disbelief.

All in all it was a good day. The best part of my wedding, however, was that it ended.
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Family starts arriving 2 weeks from today and the wedding is in 19 days! I feel a little panicky now that we're under 20 days...

On Monday I had my makeup consultation. I know, I'm light years behind most brides in doing that. It's just not a priority for me. A friend of a friend sells Arbonne and is an anesthetician and helps many friends of friends with their wedding makeup. I asked her to help me makeup shop and show me how to apply it. She also plucked my eyebrows. (What a big difference that made in opening up my eyes!) I feel confident that thanks to her expert advice and with the help of my mom and MOH I'll have simple, yet great, makeup on wedding day.

Now for my hair... I'm practicing getting it just right. I'll have a tiara (gift from Mike, since I don't want a new wedding band) and my hair will be down with some long curls going down my back.

Yesterday we hit Target. We're having an open house at our place the day before the wedding and we stocked up on paper plates and napkins. We also opted for paper plates and plastic forks for wedding cake so we got those, too. We also have to provide small plastic cups for soda and large plastic cups for the milk we're serving with our chocolate wedding cake. We found small cups we like, but not large ones.

Also yesterday the ring-maker of Mike's wedding band called to say it shipped! Yay! That's a few days earlier than they originally told me, so I'm glad it will be here in plenty of time.

Today I saw that Safeway has Coke, Sprite, and San Pellegrino on sale, so we now have the non-alcoholic portion of our bar for both the open house and the wedding all set. Wine has been purchased by Mike's cousin who's providing it as a gift to us. I'm pressing Mike for his beer choices so I can buy them soon.

I'm working on our music playlists. And we're trying to decide what to do about speakers. We took ours to the venue and set them up for a sound check. I think they could be good enough if we can't find anything better. But we're going to ask around with some friends to see who has something we could borrow. If nothing else, well we've had our eye on a Bose sound system so it might be a good time to finally buy it.

I have to make about 20 more favors and fold about 50 napkins. I keep putting that stuff off. It will have to become busy work while the TV's on over the next couple nights.

Almost all the placecards are made. I keep revising my seating arrangements, but luckily the caterer doesn't need that until the day of the wedding so I can keep changing my mind. Some people RSVP'd "maybe" so we included them in the headcount, but I'm still figuring out where to seat them. I still have to make the table numbers. (Chores are piling up!)

Last weekend I designed the OOT guest info packets. Now I just have to decide if I'll run my printer ragged and use up my color cartridge or just take them to Kinkos and let them do it.

I sent a batch of thank-you cards today. Might be the last chance I have to write them out until after the big day... Yay for my grandma for not shopping from our registry! See my userpic? It's a Cheese Lady that my grandmother sent us. There's a plate underneath where you put cheese or butter to keep it covered on the table. Who knew cheese ladies even existed? How random. But I love it!

Oh! I almost forgot my wedding dress! My mom finished it and sent it on Monday. UPS should have it hear any time now. I'm so anxious to see it!


10 Days!

Ten more days to go June 16 brides! How are you all holding up? I've moved past the worrying and stressed phase to the excited and giddy. While my mood is generally nicer, I wish I wasn't so damn excited. Didn't sleep like at all last night, and I'm getting really sick of the constant butterflies. My parents are picking me up tomorrow night to take me to their house, (the city that the wedding is taking place) so I'm spending all day doing laundry and packing for the week spent at their house, plus our honeymoon week in Panama. Hope you're all doing okay! The countdown has officially begun.

so close!

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the thing is, i'm not stressed at all. we're not having a massive construction project before the wedding involving favors or bouquets. my bouquet's going to be a few roses taped and ribboned together. the girls get one a piece. the boys, well, i don't know. it's up to the groom. i'm so not stressed about this wedding that i'm flying to austin for a party 5 days before the wedding. and yet, people keep asking me if i'm so stressed. i'm pretty sure that i'm not going to suddenly become ridiculously stressed out about the wedding. i've organized events three times this size with six times as much pomp and circumstance. this day is going to be fun, and that's really all i care about. if my hair doesn't look right, whatever. if my mascara runs, whatever. if i trip over my feet and fall down the aisle instead of walking gracefully, that's actually fairly typical of me and i don't think anyone will be surprised.

anyway. happy t-minus one month, end of june brides and dudes.
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Fun with napkins

So it's probably because I'm at work avoiding doing work and high on meds  - but I've decided to have some fun with the wedding napkins.

The cocktail napkins are going to be Brent is... or Ashley is.... I will write Brent's and he will write mine. And then we will print 100 of each one.
Here are mine for him:
Brent is....
- going to be an adventure
- already housebroken
- going to need some Advil tomorrow morning
- excited for the Chicken Dance

I have no idea what he is doing for me, but considering I'm sending it to the print I will find out soon.

For the cake napkins I was thinking about having quotes from the napkin. This is my favorite part of Houlihans and I thought people might actually remember the napkins and get a good laugh/
"Did you actually get any cake in your mouth?"
                - Napkin
"Cocktail napkins are alcoholics."
                - Napkin

Any other ideas for the cake napkins?

Also, is this a good idea or am I on too many meds right now.
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Random Thoughts

Someone else posted about their low census recently (in the weddingplans comm I think). We're suffering from it too. We knew it would be lower than what we actually invited, but it's much lower. A few days ago I was really disappointed by it, but I'm working on seeing the bright side. It will save us some money (at $40/head). The wedding will be more intimate. People are saying no because of the cost of travel, not because they dislike us. Some of our closest family members and best friends will be there, so it will still be a good time. It will have been over a year since I've seen my parents and aunts and uncles, so with fewer guests I'll be able to spend more time with them.

One couple that we're really disappointed isn't coming is the couple who introduced us to each other! We can't afford to buy them plane tickets, though, so there's not much we can do about it.

We've been able to invite our "b-list," local friends we've made since we moved here last summer. They'll fill up some tables and round out the crowd nicely. And it's not so close to the date that it's obvious they are second-stringers. They live nearby so don't need to make travel arrangements.

In other news, today I ordered Arbonne stuff for extra special gift baskets for my mom, Mike's mom, my grandma and my MOH.

Has anyone ordered from before? We want to get mini bottles of wine for the OOT guest gift baskets. They have them cheap but I'd have to buy a lot more than we need. I suppose the extra will get drunk at some point, but we're running out of storage space here. They don't do custom labels, but we don't want those so it's okay.

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instead of studying for final exams like a good girl, i've been playing with music for the wedding.

the boy and i are walking in together (because i am almost 26 and there is no way anyone is giving me away). i suggested walking in to "such great heights" as done by iron and wine, but neither one of us is really excited by that. so now, i am considering "all you need is love" by the beatles, but i am REALLY worried that it will be totally cheesy, plus it's like 3,5 minutes long and our space is not that big. we'd have to choreograph it in a pretty serious way, but i really like the idea (even if i cannot expect a brass band to be hidden in the audience grrrr).

i am very excited about walking out to "what i like about you" as done by the suicide machines, but he is iffy about that, so i am going to play the song for him and see what he thinks.

at the moment, i am completely infatuated with the amelie soundtrack and pretty much everything else yann tiersen has ever done. (this is part of my "i miss paris" mood lately...) so i was thinking of using the music from the amelie soundtrack (and a couple of other things that are also lovely) as filler music when people are coming in and being seated and then again (in reverse order) when they're leaving.

for those of you who know the music i'm talking about, do you think that will sound nice or silly?
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Stressed out

Okay, I really need an outside opinion on how to deal with this and what to do. I would normally turn to my fiance but he is USMC boot camp, so I can't do that obviously! ;) Alright, so here's the issue..

Invitations got sent out last week and I assumed I had everyone that was going to be invited. My future in laws had sent me a huge list of people to invite but I ended up not inviting them all because a majority were friends of theirs and I had already mentioned previously that we don't have the money to invite everyone. Anyway, I get a call today from my FFIL with more addresses! These addresses are family members they forgot to invite! I don't mind sending out just a few late invites but he gave me almost 10 additional addresses! My FFIL tried to feed me the line that they had to do it when they got married and that most of those people won't come but to still invite them. Josh and I had sat down before he left for boot camp to cut people off the list because we felt like it was getting out of control and he felt like his parents were adding too many already and weren't willing to help out cost wise with the wedding!

I'm exhausted, stressed and almost 17 weeks pregnant to top all that off! I'm not enjoying planning this wedding anymore because of all the stress. *sigh*

So what's the best way to handle this? I don't mind sending invites to two of the people he mentioned because they are my fiance's aunt and uncle but I have no idea what to do beyond that.
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I'm at a loss for what we should do for favors; we were thinking about doing  a candy buffet but not sure how that'd really work out in the end.  Can you comment and give me ideas, PUH-LEASE? I'm desperate here.

Less Than Two Months!

Less than two months to go! Where did the time go??

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I think that's all! We don't really have a whole lot more to do now. As the RSVPs are coming back in, we have to work on the seating arrangements, and final appointments with vendors to confirm and reconfirm everything, but other than that, everything is pretty much done.