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I have the most talented friends.

Congratulations to all of the early June weddings.  Eleven more days for the June 23rd crowd!  Wow.  (I'm so behind, you don't even want to know.)

My friend just came over for my make-up consultation.  She's a professional make-up artist.  So sweet.  (Both of the professionals doing my hair and make-up are coming to the wedding as guests but eagerly offering their services for touch-ups throughout.  I'm so lucky.)

Anyway, she just spent about three hours here trying stuff and she's coming to my house three hours before the wedding starts, dressed and ready to do my make-up.  She's planning on being around during pictures in case I decide I want to change my make-up or I need something fixed.  I'm so ridiculously spoiled.

We haven't discussed money at all.  I'm certain her plan is to do it all for free.

I don't know what to do.  I'm currently deciding between three courses of action: 

1 - Asking "can I pay you?"
2 - Getting her a giftcard
3 - Getting her a gift

The first concerns me because it might feel like an insult to our friendship to her.  I doubt she would take it that way, but it's still a concern.  The second one concerns me because even though the card would be a thank you, it would feel stingy because I'm sure it would be less than she normally charges.  Both the second and the third are concerns because I wouldn't want to spend more on her gift than on my bridesmaids' gifts but part of me would.  

I'm sure my confusion is more than evident in that previous paragraph.  Any ideas? What do you think I should do?
Thanks for your help.

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