I wish I could have posted some details about our wedding prior to this post, but unfortunately I haven't gotten around to it since we just got back from our honeymoon....

Today I went through our cards and made a list of what we got from people so we can start our thank you cards when they arrive - and wasn't I shocked to see that my MOH didn't get us a card! 

I'm fairly certain it isn't lost, since we can account for all other cards other than one or two, but you never know.  So my question is: do I ask her if she got us a card to make sure that I'm not missing it? Or do I just write her a generic thank you for being in the wedding? 

If she didn't get us a card, is that....odd? (Just card, we certainly didn't expect a gift or anything.)


Congrats all you June Brides (and Grooms) isn't married life the best!? So far it's just been a big rock n' roll party, and a gorgeous vacation!
May we all have many many happy anniversaries to come.

i'm finally posting, tons of my wedding pics! ahhh! i'm married!!!

to give a little background, my husband (i love saying that) and I both work in the music industry and wanted a retro rock n roll themed party. our outdoor headlands ceremony and reception were in my home town in northern california.

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almost disaster

i didnt cry the whole day but i was sooo close to screaming when the photographer didnt show up.
it was a great day and luckily everyone had cameras.

We were suppose to get a photographer (the head photographer in the company) and an assistant to take photos for 2 hours from me in the room to a mock cutting of the cake. they were suppose to be there at 6pm. at 6:15pm the coordinator of the wedding came to tell me they thought the wedding was the next day and that they have sent someone!!! i almost scream so loud! i was so angry.

then five minutes later the photographers assistant called to tell me he was 5 minutes away, we could keep him for as long as we wanted and that we could have a free album. the wedding was sheduled for 6:30pm and i wasnt waiting for the photographer! he was 20 minutes after the call. 5 minutes after we had signed our certificates.

we had a hotel staff member take photos with my camera of me walking down the isle, most turned out fuzzy. i'm calling tomorrow to say we want more free enlargements because we will never get that moment back and i made him stay until the first dance! he hated it, i hated him he was awful!

Hopefully the photos he got work out. but it really annoyed us!

everything else was perfect!!!!
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I have the most talented friends.

Congratulations to all of the early June weddings.  Eleven more days for the June 23rd crowd!  Wow.  (I'm so behind, you don't even want to know.)

My friend just came over for my make-up consultation.  She's a professional make-up artist.  So sweet.  (Both of the professionals doing my hair and make-up are coming to the wedding as guests but eagerly offering their services for touch-ups throughout.  I'm so lucky.)

Anyway, she just spent about three hours here trying stuff and she's coming to my house three hours before the wedding starts, dressed and ready to do my make-up.  She's planning on being around during pictures in case I decide I want to change my make-up or I need something fixed.  I'm so ridiculously spoiled.

We haven't discussed money at all.  I'm certain her plan is to do it all for free.

I don't know what to do.  I'm currently deciding between three courses of action: 

1 - Asking "can I pay you?"
2 - Getting her a giftcard
3 - Getting her a gift

The first concerns me because it might feel like an insult to our friendship to her.  I doubt she would take it that way, but it's still a concern.  The second one concerns me because even though the card would be a thank you, it would feel stingy because I'm sure it would be less than she normally charges.  Both the second and the third are concerns because I wouldn't want to spend more on her gift than on my bridesmaids' gifts but part of me would.  

I'm sure my confusion is more than evident in that previous paragraph.  Any ideas? What do you think I should do?
Thanks for your help.
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My mom finally finished my dress and sent it out. It arrived this morning. It's a bit wrinkled (sitting in the bathroom with a steamy shower running right now) but otherwise it's fantastic. It fits perfectly.

The pictures are bad. No one's around today to take them for me.
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Hey!  I'm not getting married, so I hope this is acceptable, but I am a floral designer willing to share any advice anyone would need... I've been in the industry for a few years now and am absolutely in love with planning weddings...  

Also, check out my site where I share lots of my work, tips, and education...  bella_fleurs