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June 2007 Weddings!
...we're getting married!
19th-Jul-2007 03:12 am
I wish I could have posted some details about our wedding prior to this post, but unfortunately I haven't gotten around to it since we just got back from our honeymoon....

Today I went through our cards and made a list of what we got from people so we can start our thank you cards when they arrive - and wasn't I shocked to see that my MOH didn't get us a card! 

I'm fairly certain it isn't lost, since we can account for all other cards other than one or two, but you never know.  So my question is: do I ask her if she got us a card to make sure that I'm not missing it? Or do I just write her a generic thank you for being in the wedding? 

If she didn't get us a card, is that....odd? (Just card, we certainly didn't expect a gift or anything.)
19th-Jul-2007 10:32 am (UTC)
It's likely she's sending something soon. I was surprised that a few of our bridal and groomal party didn't send a card, and after we got back from our honeymoon they sent us a present, or gave it to us in person. I'd write her a generic thank-you for the wedding ("It was great to see you, thank you for being in my wedding party...." etc).
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19th-Jul-2007 08:53 pm (UTC)
Not sending a card isn't tactless. A minor faux pas maybe, but not tactless. After all, many "wedding etiquette" books say the bridal and groomal party doesn't need to bring you anything.
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